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Plastic Surgeries in Malaysia - A Sin or A Trend?

Ask a girl which body parts she would want to change, she would probably end up listing down MOST OF HER BODYPARTS. Trust me. We girls are never satisfied with what we have. some more, nowadays the pressure to look "nearly-perfect" is super high. i mean, come on! dont tell me u girls are all satisfied with your looks? okaylah maybe we all should bersyukur with all that had been given by God. but in reality, most girls(well at least the ones with money,that is) would turn to plastic surgeries for even faster result in looking good. look at Kilafairy, for instant,
(picture credits to Kilafairy's Facebook Fanpage)
dont tell me its God's gift, those angelina-jolie's lips and PERFECT face, and body? you've got to be kidding me if you said its all natural? have u seen her before shes famous, seriously? most of our local celebrities are doing a bit alterations here and there.

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and there's this really gorgeous lady, Leng Ye…