Buried Past

"xxx has sent you a friend request"

woke up today and found this on fb
reread and reread again
i couldnt believe my eyes.
and so that dreaded feeling resurfaced,
the past that ive been wanting to bury deep inside
suddenly flashed back
and i cant seem to block them from pouring into my mind
i remembered exactly what you did
how youve ruined my life
how much heartache you have caused
how that past of me and you have made me a selfish prick
towards everyone who loved me
towards everyone who ever cared for me
how i wished i wanted to erase the past of me and you
how i wished i could erase the memories that we had
i wish i could say that some things are better left in the past
but i gave in
i gave in to that darkest period of my life
and i clicked accept


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