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#FoodReview - The Best Japanese Restaurant in Langkawi! :D

our appetizer, Natto, yang rasa macam socks HAHAHA. okay okay not that bad, sedaplah jugak.

...yeah ive finally discovered this awesome japanese restaurant in Langkawi, it is situated near Holiday Villa Resort, the surrounding is quite scary though but everything else is just serene and peaceful, Do expect that the portion is HUGEEE and the price is nothing above RM10. The sushis cost 15-30 FOR ONLY TWO QUANTITY. damn expensive right? because you can get the same amount but lower price at any sushi joints (sushi kind and sakae sushi for example)
but oh!! the green tea ice cream is home-made and VERY VERY VERY VERYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY sedapppp, served with red bean sauce *nyums*

the staffs are super friendly and very attentive, unlike other food joints here in langkawi where most of the staffs are snobbish and hanya suka kiss ass mat salleh *BOO!*
i have yet to try the japanese restaurant in Oriental Village but i heard its also nice, nanti i try pulak. hehe. but serious, Unkaizan…