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#FoodReview - Turkish Restaurant, Pantai Tengah Langkawi

during my last few days in Langkawi, i went to this small Turkish Restaurant at Pantai Tengah. My first time there was with my uncle few months back and i was hooked! they serves really fresh fruit juices and the best KUNAFAK in er..Langkawi? heheh i first heard of this dessert upon reading Shazwani Hamid's blog and she is right. this dessert is AWESOME! okay2 ill let the pictures do the talking.

see my mint lemonade? SUPER REFRESHING!
kunafak, this is the dessert im blabbing about. SO DAMN GOOD I TELL YA ()!#*(!#&($* the inside tastes like, urm some sort of bread pudding+sticky pudding, the outside macam kuih karas hehehe and sprinkled with lots of pistachios. and the milky thingy tu i think some sorta evaporated milk+sprinkles of cinnamon. yumss. oh and very fattening LOL
the first time there i had vegetarian dish(couldnt remember what the name was) and my uncle had mutton with rice. the food was great but the i think the price is a tad bit too high. but then again everything…

#FoodReview - The Best Mee Ayam in Alor Star, hands down.

i could still remember years back when i was still in high school, zaman budak2 baru nak belajar besosial(yeah,pekembangan sosial i lambat sikit,highschool baru nak bekembang LOL) masa tu rajinnnnnnlah pergi tuition center. nak2 pilih yang dekat2 mall je, senang nak dating HAHAHA. and dulu parents busy so hari2 pakcik driver yang jaga, lepas skolah suruh pakcik driver hantar pergi mall konon nak beli stationeries (hari2 pun nak beli stationeries hahaha bods) kalau dulu tak hangout dekat McDonald's, mesti hangout dekat Foodcourt City Plaza, dulu hantu makan nasi goreng cina dekat sebelah gerai ni tapi macam dah lama pulak takmakan situ hehe. lepastu makan the famous chicken chop kat foodcourt tu jugak then yang palingggggggggggpalinggggggpalinggggggggggg famous adalah gerai Mee Ayam ni;

taktaulah if dia guna mandrem or tak(hahaha asal laku jeeee i mesti nak cakap mandrem, soliii soliii) tapi my goddddd memang sedap sehingga menjilat jari pipi semua lahhh. dulu i tak penah makan mee…