Sunday, 1 April 2012

Plastic Surgeries in Malaysia - A Sin or A Trend?

Ask a girl which body parts she would want to change, she would probably end up listing down MOST OF HER BODYPARTS. Trust me. We girls are never satisfied with what we have. some more, nowadays the pressure to look "nearly-perfect" is super high. i mean, come on! dont tell me u girls are all satisfied with your looks? okaylah maybe we all should bersyukur with all that had been given by God. but in reality, most girls(well at least the ones with money,that is) would turn to plastic surgeries for even faster result in looking good. look at Kilafairy, for instant,

(picture credits to Kilafairy's Facebook Fanpage)

dont tell me its God's gift, those angelina-jolie's lips and PERFECT face, and body? you've got to be kidding me if you said its all natural? have u seen her before shes famous, seriously? most of our local celebrities are doing a bit alterations here and there.

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and there's this really gorgeous lady, Leng Yein who is not afraid afraid to open up and admit that she has undergone several plastic surgeries to alter her looks,into looking and feeling good about herself. some more recently she got sponsored by Korean professionals to do more surgeries on her. you can check out their page here

Oh, and since ive been doing my own research myself on this whole plastic surgeries thingy, ive come to know that two famous Singapore bloggers, Dawn Yang and Xiaxue also had several plastic surgeries. no wonder they look perfect! well at least Dawn Yang does. Hihi. Even the korea's famous Wondergirls also had plastic surgeries. okay okay i AM THAT LIFELESS, i know. LOL.

so, there's this famous clinic in Malaysia that offers such services, where most of our local celebrities go for their facials and laser treatments,i think and its Ayu Jelita . I was thinking of going there too. no no im not increasing my boob's size or whutevs, i was thinking of getting rid of my keloid scar on my chest (which people always mistakenly thought as LOVEBITE T___T) For those interested, you guys could go check this place out, it is situated in Ampang, TTDI and also Wangsa Maju. and i was told that we shud go there during promotion period cuz the price will be like wayyyyyyyyyyyy cheaper. hehe.

oh and for those who are willing to take up a notch could visit this site, where this Rachel lady, who's an australian residing in Bangkok, assisting any of u who are interested in doing plastic surgeries in Bangkok. hehe. hurm,ill leave you guys with some before and after plastic surgeries pictures of two famous The Hills' casts just because i LOVE watching the reality series. haha;

heidi montag
Audrina Patridge

pssst; this post is just a mere interest of me, ive never done anything on my body, just incase any of you are wondering. LOL. and oh, sorry if you're reading this time puasa, sexy pictures pulak LOL.