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The Hype Over Jamu Tun Teja

As some of you have already know, one of my high-school sweetheart has come up with her own Jamu product, which is known as Jamu Tun Teja. Growing up mostly under the influence of Indonesian Maids and beauty-conscious sisters, I know Jamu is one of the beauty supplement which is really good for women's internal health. I have seen my mom's maid, making Jamu from scratch and telling us how important it is to keep our body healthy so that our husbands wont stray around looking for ladies who are hotter and know how to take care of their appearance.

You see, Ive always understood that Jamu is related to SEX(which is a taboo topic among the Malays,excuse me) but boy was I wrong. After going through decades of life, i now realized that YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT, and whatever things that you put in your body will going to take affect in years to come if not for now.

Before this, I only take modern supplements(Collagen Shots, Vit C Injections, Gluta pills etc) to maintain the firmness an…