Wednesday, 23 February 2011

#FoodReview - The Best Laksa Melayu in Alor Star, Laksa Telok Kechai

last week before i sent off Mr Rocky to Langkawi, we headed out to Zakaria's Laksa Teluk Kechai. Having to grow up with a father who was born and breed in that area, i practically grew up eating this laksa. and oh my, of all the laksa melayu that ive tasted, this is by far THE BEST. for me, id rather much prefer eating chinese-style laksa or penang laksa because the kuah for kedah's laksa is very thick. i think the specialty for Zakaria's laksa is ,the orange coconut+shrimp paste that they add up with the laksa. nyums. there were also some pulut sambal served, if ever you are in the mood of eating one, that is. the price for a plate is RM3 and RM10 for 1kg. murah kan?But if you want to add up boiled egg, you have to pay extra.

Do head down to this laksa shack if ever you are in Alor Star(Kuala Kedah to be exact) and looking for the best Laksa Kedah. :)

oh by the way, im not a laksa fan.but for for this? ill have it anytimee!

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mie said...

Zakaria's laksa Telok Kechai memang famous di Alor Star..
Sentiasa dipenuhi dengan pengunjung
"sambal kelapa" memang trademark laksa teluk kechai