baby? or babi?

recent sms-ing with mum;

mum: babi di mana?

zoe: ha? babi?

mum: sory ma silap type. baby di mana?

thats one of the downside of people calling you baby.
because at times they could mispelled your name T___T
(oh, er yes, my familia/closed friends call me baby LOL)


Tihara said…
zmah said…
Macam mana boleh berlaku??
♥ zoe ana ♥ said…
hehe my family calls me baby, then my mum nak msg asking where i was dia ter spell babi. HAHA. /silly
cu734ngel said…
hahaha *hi 5* same case here..cuma my mom tak type, tapi terpanggey secara verbal babi..boleh??:p

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