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#ZoeReviews - Pure Marine Collagen

Aha anyone who knows me should know that i have a huge obsession over any beauty products or supplements be it vit c,collagens,placenta etc. Trust me ive tried MOST products in the market and i could even write a book on beauty tips and whatnots lol. Sama macam diet and fitness pun. Hahaha. Ok and sooo ive been hearing reviews pasal pure marine collagenz the seaweed / rumpai laut thingy. At first i hesitate nak try because dalam hati macam " ahh another beauty products yg indah khabar dari kesan" haha but then when i went back to my mom's house she told me that my aunty bought the seaweed from Sabah and she turned them into these collagen jelly and i gave in. I tried, and.... I LOVED IT!! First few days try dah nampak my stretch marks - faded! Not entirely but yeaaaaaaaa!! Syok nyaaaaaaaa. And i noticed less blemishes on my face and my skin turned a bit fairer. Hihihihi. Ok serious ni bukan nak promote or anything but im telling u based on my own experience taking the co…

#HotelReview - Lone Pine Hotel, Penang

Hi semua!
Dah lama tak buat review hotel, azam tahun ni nak banyak berjalan and try out hotels tak kisah lah hotel mahal ka murah, ni semua throwback yang lama2 disebabkan ada pictures(walaupun tak banyak) tapi nak share jugak. 
Kalau sebut Penang ja mesti akan terbayang food heaven and memang heaven pun lay sedap2 makanan mcm laksa, nasik kandaq, mee udang, char koew teow, rojak buah, pasembor etc. Some people kalau nak berjalan tu ada yang sanggup spend duit lebih sikit untuk hotel yang best2,ada yang selesa sewa apartment kalau pergi ramai2 and ada yang jenis pentingkan budget stay dekat backpackers hostel/hotel budget.
For those yang suka try out hotels, and tak kisah dengan budget, bolehla try stay dekat Lone Pine Hotel. Honestly for me, kalau nak compare shangri la or Hard Rock Hotel, i would prefer Lone Pine Hotel sebab the interior is nice and bilk pun well-maintained. I didn't manage to snap pictures banyak but you can look through dot Tripadvisor punya page pun banyak p…