Sunday, 31 January 2016

#ZoeReviews - Pure Marine Collagen

Aha anyone who knows me should know that i have a huge obsession over any beauty products or supplements be it vit c,collagens,placenta etc. Trust me ive tried MOST products in the market and i could even write a book on beauty tips and whatnots lol. Sama macam diet and fitness pun. Hahaha. Ok and sooo ive been hearing reviews pasal pure marine collagenz the seaweed / rumpai laut thingy. At first i hesitate nak try because dalam hati macam " ahh another beauty products yg indah khabar dari kesan" haha but then when i went back to my mom's house she told me that my aunty bought the seaweed from Sabah and she turned them into these collagen jelly and i gave in. I tried, and.... I LOVED IT!! First few days try dah nampak my stretch marks - faded! Not entirely but yeaaaaaaaa!! Syok nyaaaaaaaa. And i noticed less blemishes on my face and my skin turned a bit fairer. Hihihihi. Ok serious ni bukan nak promote or anything but im telling u based on my own experience taking the collagen. In fact im helping mom make the second batch now, zzz lambat btul nak siap. Yesterday tersalah rendam sat sangat so tak berapa jadi then had to throw it away so this time kena rendam whole night lepastu besok baru start rebus sampai hancur. Mom usually take it with horlicks but i take it with sunquick cuz i cant stand the smell hahaha. But uve to be aware that u cant take too much caffeine if ure taking collagen sebab nanti caffeine will flush away the collagen from ur body. If u HAVE to drink coffee jugak make sure jarakkan the intake. And not too much mmmkay? Hehe ohhh one more thingggg dont be fooled by the price yang org jual online, pure marine collagen dekat sabah betul2 pure ony about RM10-RM17 ja per kilo.. Yang jual sampai RM20ish per 100gram tu mahal melampauu. Theres no such thing as kalau murah tak original. Benda tu plants la mana boleh org buat fake plants hahaha. Ok dah stop now. Leave your comments if ada nak tanya i anythingg ya?

Take care lovers!! :)


ahmad hazwan said...

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Thanks Admin

R.R.Z said...

ehh ada lg ke? mana nak dpt benda ni? i makan masa 2012. serious best.
masa tu my sis buat dia mcm agar2 sirap..sedap sgt..