Saturday, 28 November 2015

#FoodReview - Hard Rock Cafe, Kuala Lumpur

Hi semua!

Hard Rock has always been close to my heart since I first started work/industrial training dulu pun dekat Hard Rock Hotel Penang. Kena pulak HZ pun memang fan Hard Rock so kitorang ada lah jugak things in common di situ hahaha, for his birthday last year, we went for a quick birthday lunch dekat Hard Rock Cafe KL sebab HZ dapat free birthday meal vouchers so bolehla weols redeem sambil2 tu. I ordered the steak and he ordered Nachos(as usual, memana tempat pi pun asyik nachos ja...b-o-r-i-n-ggggg) The thing about eating at Hard Rock last time I remembered the portion was HUGEEEEE tapi tetiba time p tu portion macam eh keciknyaaaaa, or maybe sebab kitorang guna vouchers kot? hahaha matiklahhhh buat assumption suka suka hatiii. Overall the food was okayyyyylah, nothing great. Orang pergi HRC pun sebab the brand ja kan, but the servers super duper warm and friendly lahhh, and ofcourse the ambience and surrounding yang best. But disebabkan weols pi siang, orang tak ramai jadi macam dull and boring sikit. Price wise? I cant remember the exact amount but total bill for all these was about RM80-RM150 kot? Google jerlah menu dia kawan2 hahahaha.

(Paksa server ambik gambar weols banyak kali sebab orang tak ramai kannn,gambar ni jerlah yang nampak elok pun yang lain semua kelauttt punya gelap hahahaha)

For those yang still have no idea where Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur is located selain menggunakan Waze, uols jugak boleh pi Concorde Hotel jaaaa, because the cafe is located just beside the hotel. Hope y'all have a rocking time at HRC and enjoy yourselves as much as we did!

 Zoe Ana

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